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Health: The Next Big Story

    Since BudgIT (a startup I co-founded) emerged in the Nigerian civic tech space, I have been imagining where the next frontier of growth emerges. Surely, Nigeria suffers from multiple socio-economic challenges and applying tech solutions is part of the approach towards the improvement the country so desires. Health, education, power, infrastructure etc. need tech interventions […]

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Abuja Data Clinic: Preparing The Ground

Next week, The World Bank Institute, Africa Media Initiative and International Center for Journalists host the Data Clinic in preparation for the upcoming launch of Nigeria’s Open Data Initiative, which already has a commitment of $1m. The Open Data Initiative is very important to the Minister of Communication and Technology and we had this elevator […]

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OKFN in Nigeria: A look in 2013

Happy to be an ambassador of the Open Knowledge Foundation and pushing OKFN work in Nigeria means a lot to me. So what have I been doing? Firstly, I am on the board of the Openspending Global Steering Committee driven to improve the platform as well as push the civic engagement further. We are working […]

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